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Writing is my passion and pleasure. So is helping improve the lives of others. My books are a combination of the two.
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‘Every success story begins with one single act, with one single thought, with one burning desire to change.’

Lisa Bentley

Self-help Books

Memoir "Dismantled"

Release date – Autumn 2020

The moment when Lisa was beginning to feel like her life was complete – she married her soulmate and started the family she had always dreamed of – her first son was born with Treacher Collins Syndrome and, just five years later, her husband was killed in a motorbike accident. With two children to support singlehandedly, she fell into a series of heartbreak, mental loneliness and despair.

Dismantled is a true story of grief, anxiety and self-sabotage, but it is also the story of hope, healing and spirituality, that it is possible to create an abundant life, no matter how adverse the conditions may be.


Release date – Spring 2021

How to eliminate your food addiction.

‘Nourished’ is a self-help book for anyone who has a disordered relationship with food.  Based on both professional and personal experiences, the book supports and guides the reader into emotional freedom from food. ‘Nourished’ is my own personal remedy and one that has helped many of my clients.

Children’s Picture Books

Don't Judge That Sludge!

Release date – Spring 2020

‘Don’t Judge That Sludge!’ is about a snail called Slimy who searches for his lost friend and in the process is unjustifiably judged by many people for the messy trail he leaves, but through determination and perseverance finds his friend and realises he is supported by the other animals. The story also helps children learn the days of the week through rhyme and refrain.
The picture book was inspired by Ancient Toltec wisdom: the importance of not making assumptions. As a single mother to a child with Treacher Collins Syndrome, I know first-hand how easy it is to judge and to be judged.

Mindy Nose Best

Release date – Spring 2020

‘Mindy Nose Best’ is a story about Mindy, an elephant who is unhappy about her appearance, believing her nose is far too long. Wise Owl takes Mindy on a journey across the midnight sky to meet Tortoise who hates his dull shell and Lion whose hair is falling out. Mindy helps tortoise by writing kind words on his shell, which allow him and others to see the world differently. When she washes and trims Lion’s hair, he donates it to the birds who use it to warm their nests. On Mindy’s return, she is finally able to see the beauty within herself.
The story teaches children about individual strengths and beauty. It highlights the idea that we should value our own uniqueness and focus on what we can offer the world.

My Friend Aiden

Release date – Spring 2021

‘My Friend Aiden’ is a story about a child who befriends a deaf boy Aiden. When Aiden’s dog escapes in the park, Aiden is the only one who remains calm and later, on a sleepover in a garden tent, when the child gets terrified of night, it is Aiden who shows no fear and teaches him how despite being teased at school, he has learned that you can overcome anything if you change your thoughts: “Don’t worry please and, don’t be scared of night/Pretend that dark is really day, the moon’s a giant kite.”
The story draws on my personal experience in supporting my son who suffers from a severe hearing impairment and visual difference as he overcame adversity and eventually became a role model to others.

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